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Antioxidants, light stabilizers processing

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  Antioxidants, light stabilizers processing
  Surface treatment by high-purity, high-quality titanium dioxide, if the high-mix feeder or extruder feed section period of time, can cause severe damage to part of the friction surface treatment layer, even plastics efficient antioxidant added , light stabilizers, anti-aging properties of the article actually will be difficult to meet the design requirements.
  The total amount of added antioxidants, light stabilizers in plastics is generally between 0.5% to 1.5%, if a large number of bonding when mixing at mixer inner wall, excessive volatilization or thermal processing, the actual product antioxidants, light stabilizers, the proportion of the number of agents will be less than the amount of formulation. If processing antioxidant, a light stabilizer with the resin mixed uneven article antioxidants, light stabilizers are bound unevenly distributed. In use, the mechanical properties of products by antioxidants, light stabilizers distribution amount is too low or the lowest local mechanical properties of the decision, the local mechanical properties resulted in low aging plastic advance lose value.
  Table is damaged agricultural polyethylene films of the detected data, a, b represent the two parts of the same piece of film, a is ruptured, b is intact parts. # 6 overall membrane intact, no rupture.
Table polyethylene films rupture site, intact parts of the test data
No. shed membrane thickness status
mm tensile strength
Vertical / horizontal MPa Elongation at break
Vertical / horizontal% carbonyl index
Intact rupture site
1 1-a 0.109 9.6 / 10.7 32/50 10.66
1-b 0.115 11.8 / 11.2 440/200 2.44
2 2-a 0.123 9.7 / 9.9 40/55 7.66
2-b 0.125 11.4 / 11.9 160/70 3.55
3 3-a 0.128 / / 8.16
3-b 0.138 11.2 / 399 / 4.84
4 4-a 0.130 11.9 / 15.1 68/500 6.02
4-b 0.138 14.7 / 12.9 470/590 2.14
5 5-a 0.130 / / 6.93
5-b 0.112 11.9 / 13.8 220/430 3.29
6 No 6 0.136 21.1 / 19.9 680/750 0.48
Experimental data show that:
①6 sheets of polyethylene films with thickness range has split not split slightly in parts of the thickness deviation 0.109-0.138㎜ 5 # film;
The tensile strength range ②6 sheets of polyethylene films at 9.6 ~ 21.1MPa, elongation at break in the range of 32% to 750%. Tensile properties of the film the highest value of # 6, the appearance is not broken, followed by 4 # film. Appearance serious rupture, tensile properties lower value is 3 #, 2 # film. Tensile properties of each film are not higher than has been split parts split parts.
③6 sheets of polyethylene films carbonyl index 0.48-10.66, carbonyl index is the smallest 6 # film, only 0.48, followed by # 4 film, the largest is 1 # (1-a) has split parts of the film, 10.66 . Each part of the film are not split carbonyl index is less than has been split site. Detection Conclusion: Tensile properties of the inspection of the six films of polyethylene, thickness and carbonyl index data, the performance, the same number of different properties in different parts of the film between the membranes are numbers show a greater difference.



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