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Today is 2020-9-14, Welcome to the web Chuzhou Su source Chemical Co., Ltd Website: www.ummdd.com


  We will continue to adhere to the "quality first, customers first, reputation first" purpose, to the best price, the best quality products and best services to meet the needs of customers. Rely on innovation and excellent quality, first-class products, first-class benefits, and you create a brighter tomorrow! Can provide professional according to the actual needs of every valued customers, personalized full application solutions to help our customers at a lower cost to enjoy the high standard of professional services.

  We adhere to industry standards, with unremitting efforts to ensure that the world's manufacturing system and quality assurance system. From the target to aim, until a specific policy, we will pay attention to every detail will affect the image of our products, customers want to provide customers with the best service. To provide sustainable, efficient and fast service; sense of loyalty based on customer service, we have to show clients a good image; to high-quality service team to provide the best service to customers; establish a user-centric work style; establish and improve the service network to provide users with specialized, standardized, diversified services; first-class sales service levels to meet customer demand.


Chuzhou Su source Chemical Co., Ltd.
Contact: Cai Weimin
Mobile: 13775161966
Tel: 0550-5900666
Fax: 0550-5900928
Website: www.ummdd.com
E-mail: cwm13775161966@163.com
Address: Lai'an Water Town Industrial Park

Online Service

Online Service